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Testing – Delivering Decision Support

Air Quality & Surface Testing

Testing Applications

IAQ & Surface Testing



Surface Testing

Collect data used to improve and optimize cleaning and sanitizing protocols and allocation of resources 

  • Measure sanitation of equipment and surfaces – ATP bioluminescence
  • Listeria species testing




IAQ (Indoor Air Quality Testing)

MEDformance provides complete IAQ testing for air disinfection device customers.  Data is used to validate performance of equipment, and enable continuous improvement of air quality.

Measuring bioaerolized pathogens and respiratory irritants helps IDC process owners, healthcare administtrators, facility managers and CFOs mitigate risk, save cost, and improve human performance.  

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria 
  • Mold  
  • Fungi

Custom Measurement Systems

Customized testing processes and designed experiments are an additional service offering for our air disinfection device and surface treatment cutomers.

Engineered measurement systems to establish baselines, validate effectiveness, and build the data sets to enable IAQ and IDC (Infectious Disease Control) CPI (Continuous Process Improvment).

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