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She moved the brushes with lightness across her skin. A cream powder all over, rose powder for the apples of her cheeks, golden-brown powder along her cheek bone, and a black gooey liquid on her eyelashes. I would later learn the names of each product my mother would use in her daily routine and similarly, I would start using them.

rose petals

I discovered the world of  makeup at quite a young age. It was fun for me to play with the colors and to learn different techniques. However, my skin and self esteem suffered the consequences. I started getting acne, specifically in my t-zone, at a young age as well. With a mixture of puberty and simply not letting my skin breathe, the problem grew. 

I felt like the acne was all people were looking at because it was all I was looking at in the mirror. To combat it, which I later learned only made it worse, I caked on the make up. It took time learning my skin type and what products it needed, but it was so rewarding the first time an acquaintance complimented my skin. So what was my trick to clearing up my acne? 

retinol serum

Retinol! I started using retinol during the last two years of highschool and what many people tend to say is “but you’re so young”. What a lot of these people aren’t doing is looking at the bigger picture. The benefits of retinol are not just anti-aging. There is a wider spectrum of issues that retinol can solve, beyond the lines and wrinkles. Retinol not only helps to unclog pores, but it also prevents future breakouts and reduces the appearance of acne scars.

I began using retinol in hopes it would clear up my acne and it did just that. My skin was free of acne and the insecurity I once had vanished. Retinol boosts collagen by stimulating fibroblasts, which in turn synthesizes collagen fibers. It also helps to improve elasticity by removing degenerated elastin fibers (Zasada and Budzisz). I continue to use retinol in order to be preventative from not only acne, but wrinkles and dullness as well.

So the truth is, there is no age limit to who can and cannot use retinol. It’s a product of many wonders that can treat a number of skin complications. In fact, I didn’t even know it was strange for a 20-year-old to use retinol until I started speaking about it in my community. So if retinol is not in your skin care routine yet, consider looking into the benefits of adding it. Your skin is your brand, treat it right and it will represent you flawlessly.

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