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MEDformance HPS – Realigned Online Strategy

Because we are a Healthcare company we are exposed to innovation that drives human performance improvement. We are active (look for exciting news soon) in both wound care, and air & energy management. But most of our revenue is derived from B-2-B (Business-to-Business) relationships.

Legislation signed last month (https://medformance.com/new-epa-guidelines-and-standards/) includes caps on natural gas and coal that will cascade energy cost increases downward to ratepayers. The energy monitoring system that is part of our technology stack allows buildings to see energy waste and drives energy waste reductions of 10-43%. One school system saved $8 mil in a year. Reducing the waste that commercial energy users are already paying for is typically the biggest impact possible for reducing a building’s CO2 footprint.

Accordingly, we have been blessed. Our pipeline is full. Great news, but the requirements to manage and grow our skincare business are forcing us to change strategy. We are closing the e-commerce platform, but MEDformanceHPS.com is already being retooled to a blog site with a singular focus:

Showcasing proven technology innovations that help humans perform better.

Effective immediately our skin care customers (Pro & Consumer) will be connected directly with respective manufacturer(s). All retail links will be on the site soon, we’ll connect all directly with the manufacturers of the innovation we share on the blog. As stated, it was a busy week, and I apologize for not communicating in a timely manner.

We hope you will check back here to learn more. Speaking of innovation, here’s what’s up with innovation that makes energy waste visible https://medformance.com/aem/.

Also, this teaser. A new hemp flooring, manufactured in a carbon negative plant, can form a seal over old flooring that could contain asbestos. A great option for older schools, and it will roll into new construction quickly due to the hardness, the unique beauty of the grain, and the fact that it emits zero VOCs. Cool wall covering and furniture applications.