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+ Cryotherapy

Innovative Solutions for Rehab, Recovery, and Pain 

Cryotherapy (cold-therapy) is proven effective for reducing swelling and edema which cause pain, and slowing the pain signals from an injury or surgical site to the brain. That is orthopedic surgeons send patients to recovery with cold packs on.

Bioelectronics are also effective with impeding pain signals to the brain. And microcurrent (sub 500 microvolt) stimulation has been proven to significantly increase ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) production which helps reduce inflammation, and promote healing and recovery.

EzyWrap sized knee immobilizer for use with First Ice DS inserts

Orthotics Built for Cryotherapy

EzyWrap® has a complete line of wraps, immobilizers, and splints designed to be integrated with their patented FirstICE® system. FirstICE lasts 5x longer than gel packs, and its “snow like” composition does not turn into a frozen slab (like your bag of peas)! 

ReviStim bioelectronic device with DC microcurrent


Slightly larger than an electronic key fob, ReviStim is the best combination of functionality, price, and ease of use.  It leverages  both traditional bioelectronics (TENS) with microcurrent in cycles, and features a “sleep setting” that works during your body’s best time heal: While sleeping! 

Athlete with injured knee using a combination of bioelectronics and cryotherapy

Bioelectronics + Cryotherapy

The impact of layering bioelectronics and cryotherapy is profound. Individually, they are effective at reducing inflammation and pain. Combining these solutions delivers a cumulative effect.

MTB rider in hills


40-year healthcare sales and marketing veteran with experience in cardiac and ortho surgical devices, wound care, and infectious disease control.

MTB rider. Raced the Leadville 100 at age 67. A grueling 100 mile mountain run that starts and 10,152 ft. of elevation and never goes lower!

“A few years before that race, I had a shoulder retooled. The surgeon was a friend, so he put the leads for the microcurrent device under the bandage, and the EzyWrap shoulder with FirstICE on top of it. The post-op pain was nominal. I took a pain pill from the prescription that night, and one the next morning, and that was it.

I’m still riding hard at 72. And combining bioelectronics and cryotherapy helps me recover faster, and spend more time on the trails.”



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