Engineered Nanotechnology is Game Changing


We are absolutely elated to announce that the ink is dry on our Joint Venture agreement with SoluWellness. We’ll be helping them drive go-to-market strategies in skincare, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical markets.
HydroSOLyzed(tm) solutions are an engineered nanotechnology allows many active ingredients to more easily enter the body, significantly increasing potency and bioavailability. It is a true “solution” vs. and “emulsion”. Also, the HydroSOLyzed active ingredients are not metabolized via digestion so the liver and kidneys do not process out potency before absorption.
We are the big winners here. The team at SoluWellness is absolutely professional, and the tech they have developed represents breakthrough innovation.

These technologies are already being applied.

HydroSOLyzed ingredients are part of our first few products in the nutraceutical category, but the most exciting results in terms of sales are coming from the SoluRetinol and SoluAcne skin care products (Shop Here) 

“To get a change in 20-days is incredibly significant and unique, and it has to be doing it through hydration. And that hydration has to be something that is looking to be hydrated which would have to be the glycosaminoglycans, and that will give a similar effect to hyaluronic acid in an injectable filler. You’re putting something in between collagen to plump up that area.” 

Dr. Steven Shapiro

SoluRetinol HydroSOLyzed Anti-Aging Topical Filler

A water-solubilized retinol formula that delivers results in as little as 20 days vs. 90 days for collagen growth.

Rapid. Accelerated absorption that reduces lines and deep wrinkles.

Daytime & Nighttime Serum. 30-Day Supply.


SoluD3 – 4000 IU HydroSOLyzed Max Absorption Drops

Solu D3 – MAX Strength Vitamin D3

4000 IU (100 MCG) High Potency + high bioavailability.