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Hi-Tech Air Disinfection, IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Improvements, and Significant Reduction of Bioaerosol and Surface Transmission of Infectious Diseases

KNOXVILLE, TN – Today MEDformance announced a partnership with GRREC, Green River Regional Educational Cooperative.  GRREC has awarded a bid with a contract effective date of July 1st, 2021 through June 30th, 2025.  GRREC currently serves 45 Kentucky school districts, 358 schools, 10,108 teachers and 178,732 students. 

The technologies, tools, and solutions the MEDformance delivers are typically patented, but also proven in ORs (Operating Rooms), ICUs (Intensive Care Units), even at the patient’s bedside in hospital COVID-19 wards.”

This means that the data to prove that these weapons and tactics meet the primary goal: Control and prevention of infectious disease. MEDformance can also test and validate everything after solutions are rolled out in schools. This is important as many superintendents are under fire for pursuing unproven options to manage the risk of transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Brad Cleaver, a MEDformance Managing Partner, former D-1 college player and current Kentucky high school basketball coach shared this perspective, “We sell to hospitals, long-term care, surgery centers … healthcare. The medical directors, and physicians, and clinicians we work with don’t care about anyone’s ‘new idea’. The bar is this: Show me proof of efficacy for the intended application. School systems trust us because we don’t move that bar when we work with them.”

Marketed as MEDformance Safer Solutions, the comprehensive approach and product set that includes patented Low-E Plasma air disinfection and purification technology (NanoStrike™). It is the exact same type of energy as is produced by lightening. It deactivates and destroys all viruses, bacteria, mold & fungi spores, pollutants, particulates (process takes 0.002 seconds). Combining air disinfection with OR and ICU proven and peer reviewed antimicrobials that bond to surfaces for years, and clean, safe, environmentally benign chemistry that is more effective than bleach (70-100 times more effective), also does not add to the problem by releasing VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals) as they dry.

“These funds (ESSER II – III) are earmarked for only certain applications. Mitigating the risk of transmission for COVID-19 was Mission One.”, as explained by MEDformance’s VP Marketing & Infection Control, John Nycz. “We knew our enemy but dealing with that enemy most effectively did not have just one answer. The good news is that in developing the best possible strategy using combined, proven tactics for SARS-CoV-2 we discovered that we could also solve other problems that impact the overall health and performance of students, teachers, and staff.”

This meant that maximizing the effectiveness of risk mitigation strategies for COVID-19 also improved overall IAQ and eliminated respiratory irritants like pollen, pollution, some VOCs, and spores. This is especially important in older buildings. Improvements to air quality in schools have been shown to increase cognitive ability, recall of text and images, and overall test scores.

Low-Energy Plasma Deactivates and Detroys Bioaerosolized Pathogens and Reduces Asthma Triggers

It has been shown to reduce indoor air pollution by 67% in a university study. 


Low-energy plasma coils used for air disinfection