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We put engineered nanoparticles into solution.


via innovation.

HydroSOLyzed™ Solutions

A patent pending thermal fusion process used to increase the extent and rate at which many of the active ingredients in nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, botanicals, and pharmaceuticals enter the bloodstream.

Market Disrupting Innovation

Engineered Nanoparticles Suspended in H2O

HydroSOLyzed vs. Emulsion

  1. Solid Dispersion – API bonds between molecules broken down to the smallest constituent level
  2. Micelle Creation at sub 50 nm penetrate plasma barrier, dermis
  3. Colloidal Dispersion – a ‘3-D fishing net’ that creates a web of water encapsulating the molecules

Additional Benefits

  1. High Stability – 18+ months no dissipation or breakdown
  2. Potency – 12+ months no loss
  3. Precise Dosing – does not clump and settle like emulsions
Not metabolized via digestion.

Ex. Most of the HydroSOLyzed™ active ingredients in a beverage are absorbed via the mucosa membranes in the mouth and esophagus before hitting the stomach.

HydroSOLyzed solution logo - water solubilization
  • 3-4x gain potential in bioavailability
  • Improved Potency 
  • Lower active ingredient cost

  • Even dispersion in solution

Lab making distillates from hemp.

HydroSOLyzed™ Solutions

A process for producing engineered nanoparticles into solution. Sounds complicated. And it is.

But what the process does is simple:

It breaks down molecules into smaller component structures organized in a matrix of water (water solubilized).

Image of hemp derived Delta-8 distillate.

Better Bioavailabilty & Potency

We are increasing the extent and rate at which the basic ingredients in many products can enter the circulatory system.

Making chemical ingredients water soluble also increases the potency.

The increased bioavailability translates into savings on raw materials costs.

Game Changing Tech

Does your brand have aspirations of improving  effectiveness and differentiating from competitors in a crowded market? Maybe even launch an NA (Non-Alcoholic) beverage? More formulations?

HydroSOLyzed™ Solutions represents breakthrough innovation. Call to learn more about how we can help you disrupt your market landscape. Boom! 






molecular packaging to move ”product” through your body’s supply chain more quickly and easily!

The fastest route through the plasma barrier. 

Illustraion of a vitamin d3 molecule

Vitamin D3

Difficult to control in acute and long-term care settings, D3 levels can drop quickly compromising immune function. Typically 21-28 days to get levels back up. About 7-days with HydroSOLyzed vitamin D3.

Topical Skin Care

Dr. Steven Shapiro reviews SoluRetinol™, a topical filler that uses a HydroSOLyzed synthetic derivative of vitamin A, and discusses skin changes in 20 days vs. three months for collagen formation.
(Plus, no needles. No lasers.)

HydroSOLyzed hemp - Lifted Supreme full-spectrum non-alcoholic spirits being bottled

NA Beverage

The Non-Alcoholic spirits sector is hot, and the cannabis beverage area is expected to grow at 48% CAGR thru 2026. HydroSOLyzed hemp extracts are creating new products and lines for brewers, vintners, and distillers.