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4-Hour Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer.
Save your hands. Reduce VOCs.

HydroSOLyzed Skin Care

“I have clients coming back in to buy more before they are done with the first kit. That’s how I know this is really something different.”

Master Aesthetician

Human Performance Solutions

We provide innovative products that help people improve how they perform when working, playing, learning, recovering, breathing, sleeping, and living well.

Girl improving human performance with power workout
“This is fastest we’ve seen noticeable results from a topical filler.”
HydroSOLyzed solution logo - water solubilization

HydroSOLyzed Solutions – A patents pending water solubilization process used to increase the extent and rate at which many of the active ingredients in botanicals, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and pharmaceuticals enter the human ecosystem.

Breakthrough innovation. 

Absolute differentiation.

Innovative tools for optimizing human performance.
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We are what we breathe. ™ Innovative solutions for beathing better at home.
Increase the potency and bioavailability of your brand’s ingredients.

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